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Answering Your Competition on Social Media

October 21, 2020

Let’s talk about competitors using social media to give subtle jabs or tell little white lies about your business. I have a client dealing with this right now.

The way to handle this is very, very simple.

Most of the time, when companies make jabs at other companies on social media, they have a consistent voice on social media. My client, on the other hand, barely posts and doesn’t have much of a voice on social media.

This is a common scenario. The remedy is to respond with better content.

Don’t engage in back-and-forth jabs or even playful nudging on social media. That’s not the place to have those conversations. Instead, focus on putting out more valuable content.

In the case of my client, they offer better products and better service. They’re just not getting that message out and telling their story of how they source their products and the philosophy behind what they carry in their store.

Not producing content leaves a void that competitors can fill with inaccurate information. That’s why it’s so important to create and distribute content that accurately communicates the benefits and features of your company. Include high-quality photos and videos. Write copy and captions that are more helpful to your local audience.

Creating better content will drown out the negative noise coming from your competition.


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