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The Final Click Marketing Show Ep. 4: Branding Your Business for Success

August 4, 2020

Today we are talking about branding from a creative perspective. And since that isn’t something we specialize in, we brought in an expert guest – Stephanie Giera, Creative Director at Create Web Studios.

Meet Stephanie (0:58)

Branding in the Age of the Internet (3:15)

  • Need for differentiation
  • Memorable value proposition

What is Branding? (4:51)

  • More than just a logo
  • It’s a full persona
  • Power in your messaging
  • Includes community footprint & values
  • People expect a standpoint on social and political issues

Does Location Matter? (14:58)

  • Cater to immediate market first
  • What’s important to your local market?

What Dictates Good Branding? (19:50)

  • Clever or cool creative component
  • Importance of cohesiveness

Be Cohesive (21:27)

  • Throughout all collateral – digital and print
  • Branded with a personal touch
  • Importance of packaging and presentation
  • Builds relationship and increases retention

Branding is a Process (26:10)

  • What is the creative process?
  • Starts with identifying competitive advantage
  • Includes consumer psychology
  • Value of a vision board
  • Understanding your goals/needs
  • Importance of copy/messaging

How are Value Propositions Incorporated? (36:55)

  • Distilling value proposition pillars
  • Illustrating with imagery

Finding Inspiration (39:26)

  • Living vs. static creativity
  • Making B2B more fun

Branding & ROI (42:42)

  • Immediate response to a rebrand

Getting Out of Your Own Way (44:28)

  • Too many voices
  • Trust your designers and marketers
  • Lack of budget
  • What % of profits should go towards marketing?

The Emotional Connection (47:41)

  • Aligning with customer goals

Examples of Brands Doing it Right (49:35)

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