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Do This Every Monday Morning

September 1, 2020

In the last episode of The Final Click Marketing Show, we discussed the importance of applying a process to your marketing. Today I want to parse out one of the topics I’m extremely passionate about.

Your Marketing Metrics Matter

As business owners and marketing directors, one of the most important things you can do is spend one hour a week with your website analytics and your social media analytics.

The first thing you should do every single Monday morning is log in and view your Google Analytics account. There is so much value in knowing how people get to your website and how they are using it.

Metrics Drive Messages

That information impacts your outbound messages – the ad campaigns you’re running, your landing pages, etc. You want to take note of how many visitors you’re getting, what did those people do on the site, how long did they stay, and did it cause them to take a positive action that’s good for your business?

If the stats are good, keep doing what you’re doing. If the stats are not good, then you need to refine your strategy and your marketing process a bit. Then do the same exercise with your social media analytics. If the engagement on your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are poor, then maybe you need to assess your messaging strategy and your content marketing strategy on those channels.

Make Metrics a Priority

Don’t wait to have a one-hour performance review with your agency once a month to look at this data. You should be looking at this information more frequently.

Let’s all commit to one hour every Monday morning. First thing, grab your coffee, log in to your Google Analytics at 8:00 AM, and review what has happened the previous week and the previous 30 days with your website traffic.

I guarantee you, it will bring you a wealth of business information and will cause you to enact change that will create growth for your business.

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