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Every Business Should Be Running These Ads

June 9, 2020

7 Reasons You Should Run Google Search Ads

It can be overwhelming to enter the digital advertising world. There are thousands of platforms and channel options to choose from, making it difficult to decide which strategy to take. In my more than 16 years of digital advertising agency experience, there is one ad channel I recommend to every business it’s extremely efficient at attracting shoppers with high buying intent.

The ad channel that I’m talking about is Google Search Ads.

Google is everyone’s favorite place to ask questions, research, and learn about companies providing the products and services they desire. And that’s a keyword – desire. The difference between advertising on Google vs. social media is that on social media, users are aimlessly scrolling not looking for anything in particular. When customers go to Google, they are looking for something – whether it be a product or information – that they want. That’s high buying intent.

1. You Pick the Keywords

A massive benefit of Google Search Ads is guaranteed placement on keywords that you choose. This means that when we tell Google that we want to run an ad on a particular keyword phrase, we are guaranteed to show up when someone Googles that phrase.

2. Best Placement Possible

Additionally, Google Ads places your ads at the very top of Google. The top ads section of Google results receives 41% of all the clicks on a Google results page. That is a much larger number than what the map listings receive and what the organic listings beneath the ads receive.

Google Search Ads give you the absolute best placement.

3. More Effective than SEO

Guaranteed placement is important even for companies that are doing SEO. Doing SEO doesn’t necessarily get your business shown for every product and service that you have. Once you supplement that with Google Ads, you can be confident that you have top placement for your most targeted keyword phrases.

4. High ROI

Also, these ads can be shown for free. You only get charged if someone clicks the ad and transfers to your website. You’re already getting a highly engaged shopper on Google because they are researching what you provided as a keyword. So they’re even more engaged when they click your ad and transfer to your website to read more about your products/services. These individuals have an extremely high buying and shopping intent and because of that, these ads are oftentimes the most profitable and highest ROI ads within a marketing mix.

5. You Can Test Ad Copy

With Google search ads, you get to write the ad copy and you can test out more than one ad. Google allows you to upload up to six ads per keyword phrase. So, you can have multiple versions of an ad, which allows us to test which headlines and which copy work best for both producing traffic and conversions.

6. You Control the Customer Journey

You also get to control what landing page users are sent to when they click an ad. So when they click the ad and transfer it to your website, you can tell the system to either send them to the homepage or to an internal page that has more detailed information about the particular product or service. Or perhaps you send them to a page that has a great custom offer.

7. Everything is Completely Trackable

Everything with Google ads is completely trackable. Under each keyword phrase, you can track how many times the ads were shown, how many times they were clicked, and how much was spent – total costs and the average cost per one click. And most importantly, it shows how many conversions were received from the ads.

Once you get data on which keywords work best, you fine-tune your Google ads campaigns. This involves shutting off the keywords that are not producing conversions and increasing the keywords that are producing the most amount of conversions, leads, and revenue.


I hope you found this helpful. If you have more questions about Google Ads or you just want to book a free consultation session with me to talk strategy, fill out my form here.

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