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The Final Click Marketing Show Ep. 5: Getting Started with Digital Marketing

August 11, 2020

Today we are discussing how to get started with digital marketing. This information is not just for new businesses. It’s also for established businesses that are at the beginning of their digital marketing journey.

Website (2:24)

Website design impacts the first impression

Are your content assets updated and accurate?

Importance of making it simple and easy for visitors

Important elements on your website:

  • Easy navigation
  • One page per product/service you offer
  • Clear contact page
  • Focus on About Us page
  • Call to action options
  • Value of a ‘thank you for contacting’ form

What should be on every product/service page

Must be mobile friendly

Local SEO & Maps (15:58)

What is SEO?

How to get into the map listing

How to use Google My Business

What impacts local SEO and map listings

Other popular search engines – Bing, Apple

Value of ratings

So much is in your control

Gain local PR

Value of having a blog

Importance of ongoing content development

Paid Search (27:20)

Location of paid ad results

Paid ads pricing structure

Why Google ads have high ROI

When paid ads are most important

Targeting capability

Start small and scale-up

Immediately measurable results

Ability to compare to competitors

Controllability – keywords, copy, landing page, location

Social Media (36:30)

Great for discoverability and brand awareness

Do people purchase after discovering and researching on social?

Why people follow businesses on social

Which channels you should be on

Use of videos

Value of going LIVE and repurposing

How to build an audience

Email (48:39)

Importance of consistent communication

Include an offer

Must be mobile friendly

How to get started

How to build your email list

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