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How to Get More Sales from Your Website

June 3, 2020

I have an important topic for you today – a topic that I absolutely love. It is how to get more sales from your website.

It’s the content and the calls to action that you need to make sure are on every page of your website to drive more sales. Most businesses focus primarily on their advertising efforts. That’s important, but the advertising and the traffic coming into your website is only 50% of the equation.

The other 50% is the content, pages, copy, images, and the calls to action that you have on your website. That is what converts the traffic that you pay for to come to the website in the first place.

This is my power formula that I’ve been using for 10 years. I call it the sales formula. You can use this on the homepage of your website, as well as on your internal product and service pages. You should be following this formula step-by-step.

1. Use a Catchy Headline

Up at the top of the page – the first thing that people see – they need a great descriptive headline. It was the great David Ogilvy, the advertising mogul, who said, “If you spend a dollar on advertising, 80 cents of that dollar should be spent on the headline.” It’s that important because that’s what initially connects the user to your business – that first headline that they see.

2. Highlight the Benefits

As you move down the page, it gets into the benefits. This gets into the outcomes and the results that using your product or service produces. If you have skincare, you want to talk about strengthening the skin, getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, anti-aging, all that kind of stuff. Those are the buzz words and the outcomes that people buying skincare are looking for.

3. Provide the Features

Then it gets into the features of your product and service. That is, if they buy it, what’s the complete value list that they’re going to be receiving? It’s what comes with it when you make a purchase. It could be that it’s an organic formula, or if you have phone service, it could be all of the additional features that come with that, like texting and call reporting and call recording and so on. It gives them an idea of how the product or service functions.

4. Show Reviews & Social Proof

Next are reviews and social proof. So, so important, because people want to hear and see how other consumers just like them have interacted, used, and the results they’ve received by using your product or service.

5. Present Your Best Offer

Then you want to present them with your absolute best offer. If it’s 10% off their first purchase, if it’s a free trial, if it’s a free consultation, whatever it might be. You want that clearly stated on the page.

6. Use a Call to Action

Then you want to have your call to action button. That could be a variety of things. It could be a trackable phone number. It could be a button that they click and it brings up a form for them to fill out. It could also be a live chat conversation. It all depends. It’s up to you. Whatever works best for your business in terms of communication and sales process, that’s how you should determine what your call to action is.

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