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The Final Click Marketing Show Ep. 2: Improving Website Conversion for Local Businesses

July 30, 2020

We have an awesome topic for you today – probably my favorite thing to, which is to discuss conversion optimization. It goes by a lot of different names – a common acronym is CRO (conversion rate optimization). It is means getting your website and your content to more efficiently convert traffic into sales.

Conversion Optimization (0:30)

  • What is it?
  • Why is it important?

Do you have a traffic issue? (1:36)

  • Importance of looking at current assets
  • Two-part equation: quality traffic + quality website

Is your website ready for more traffic? (2:39)

  • Descriptive headline
  • Location of contact information
  • Ease of navigation

What makes customers purchase from you? (4:27)

  • 22-day buying cycle
  • Decision influenced by 32 touch points
  • Experience + nurturing

What matters to your customers? (8:56)

  • Importance of first impressionSupporting content answering key buying questions
  • Reinforced messaging and repeat content
  • Importance of personalization

Where is discovery happening? (15:46)

  • Social media
  • Brands vs. local business spending
  • Importance of content strategy
  • Need to test and experiment
  • Be relentless
  • Diversification and providing value

What should your website experience be? (29:33)

  • Key components
  • Use of videos
  • Millennials look for values
  • Showcase products, process, and pricing strategy
  • Highlight your benefits

What should you be doing? (39:53)

  • Visit your own site frequently
  • Know your buyer’s process & questions

How do you stand out among your competitors? (42:20)

  • Retargeting campaigns with warm audience
  • Use a follow-up sequence
  • Reach & frequency
  • Content for retargeting

RECAP (54:09)

  • Content and sequence for nurturing customers
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