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The Final Click Marketing Show Ep. 6: Who is the Face of Your Company?

August 24, 2020

Today’s topic is personal branding and how to put a face to your business or company. We’ll discuss all the different forms that can take, how to do it, the strategy behind it, and the various business models that are associated with personal branding.

Personal Branding is the New Company Spokesperson (2:26)

Been around for a long time in different forms.

Why Businesses Need to Have a Face (4:05)



Customers can grow with you.

The Evolution of Company Spokesman into Personal Branding (6:10)

Social media builds relationships.

Personal brands build loyalty.

How Businesses Should Use a Personal Brand (8:33)

Start with philosophy for content.

How to know if your business should have a face.

What makes your business unique?

You can still sell your business if you’re the face.

How to Know if Your Business Needs a Face (12:33)

The Discovery phase reveals uniqueness.

Personalization in marketing and advertising.

Must be willing to put yourself out there.

Who Should the Face of Your Company Be? (14:54)

Does it need to be the head of the company?

Does it need to be a real person?

How to Use the Face of Your Company in Digital Marketing (17:02)

Evolution of media into digital.

The importance of video.

Benefits of recognizability during COVID-19.

Need for quality content.

People want to see people.

What Qualities Should the Face of Your Company Have? (24:18)

Passionate about the business.

Don’t need to be an extrovert.

How to Get Started (25:51)

Test audience response to different content.

Focus on education and value.

Start with organic content before ads.

Refine tone and cadence based on what people gravitate towards.

Who Is Your Target Market? (29:43)

Commodity vs. niche market

Value of Company Spokesperson for Local Business (31:11)

Differentiator as a local business.

Power of generational businesses.

Generational Differences (33:57)

Millennials want to know who you are.

Start to engage a younger audience now.

Importance of company values.

Transitioning to a new company spokesperson.

Businesses that are Personal Brands (38:18)

Realtors, attorneys, personal trainers, etc.

How to build your personal brand.

Valuable content positions you as an expert.

Local Businesses vs. National Brands (43:04)

How personal branding keeps local businesses competitive.

Knowledge of the local market.

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