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The Final Click Marketing Show Ep. 9: Brand is EVERYTHING

September 21, 2020

Today we are talking about how your brand is everything. There are two meanings to this statement: 1) your brand is extremely important, and 2) it consists of everything you’re doing as a business and content creator that helps create the experience that you want customers to have. We give a roadmap of elements that make up a great brand.

What is a brand? (1:07)

It’s more than a logo and color palette.

The role of personal brands.

The pillars of building a great brand. (10:55)

Core Values (14:00)

What promise are you making to people?

Be consistent.

Customer service is bigger than it used to be.

Be authentic.


Content & Marketing Strategy (23:40)

Your content must support your core values.

A lot of discovery is done on social media.

Go deeper rather than wider.

Core messages can be tailored to different audiences.

The power of user-generated content.

Product & Service (38:40)

Must live up to the promise you’re making.

The importance of providing value.

Execution is where good marketing goes to die.

Customer Support & Follow-up (46:20)

Have an education and support strategy.

Provide additional value via follow-up.

Improves satisfaction and keeps the customer engaged.

You are servicing a whole person.

It costs more to gain a new customer than keep a current one.

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