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The ONLY Two Ways to Increase Sales

August 19, 2020

There are only two ways to grow your business online. It’s that simple.

You either:

  1. Increase traffic to your website, or
  2. Increase your website conversion rate.

Let’s unpack both.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

If your website is currently converting well, meaning people go to your website and purchase from you, call you, or come into your store, then you’ll want to focus on scaling your traffic up.

For example, if you currently receive around 2,000 visits per month, which is not a ton of traffic, you want to focus on increasing your traffic. You do this with Google ads, social media ads, and enhancing your local SEO. That will drive more new prospects to your site that is already converting well and result in more sales.

Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

If your website already has a good amount of traffic, then you need to concentrate on converting more of that traffic into sales. That means optimizing your website and your landing pages.

If your site is already seeing 10,000 visits a month and your conversion rate is around 2%, then it’s time to work to double your conversion rate to 4%. You do that by looking at the content, layout, images, and videos on the site and adding or editing to test what content will produce the best results. Same amount of traffic, but now producing more sales.

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