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This Is Why Your Social Media Ads Aren’t Working

September 25, 2020

I often hear people complain that their Facebook ads aren’t working, or their Instagram or YouTube ads aren’t working. Today, I’m going to tell you why your social media ads aren’t working.

This is What You're Doing Wrong

The reason most of your digital campaigns are not working, especially on social media, is because you are selling too hard and too fast right out of the gate. 

Stop centering your content on your business and what you sell. Instead, create educational content that is focused on helping your prospects and potential customers solve a specific problem. Then, use digital ads to put that content in front of your exact target market.

Engage Your Audience

I promise this strategy will help you build an audience and build engagement. Once you have an audience that is engaged, then you start targeting them with content about your business, your unique selling proposition, sales offers, promotions, how to get started, etc.

You must build goodwill with people by helping them tackle some of their problems that are in your wheelhouse to solve. Then you can focus on selling to them. That is how your digital ad campaigns go from zero to hero.

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