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Your Digital Ads Have One Job

August 20, 2020

There’s a common misconception about running digital ads that I constantly hear from clients and prospective clients, and it’s time to clear it up. It’s about the digital ads themselves.

Now read this carefully…

It is not the ad’s job to close the sale.
The ad’s job is to get the click.


The ad is there to get the click and transfer that person to the landing page. It is then the landing page and website’s job to close the sale or to convert the cold prospect into a lead.

What should the ad do?

First and foremost, the ads should be sending the right people to your website and landing page. The two ways you do that is through geographic and audience targeting.

The geographic and audience targeting on Google and social media will bring prospective customers to your ad. Then, the ad creative should filter those people even more based on the value proposition that is presented in the ad. This ensures the people who click on the ad and get to your website are your peak, target market. They have the right mindset and are primed to want to purchase from you.

What should the landing page do?

The sole job of the landing page is to close the sale for the traffic coming to the site. It needs to properly display your company, service benefits, features, demonstrations, testimonials, etc. Essentially, why they should be doing business with you.

Be sure to make it easy for them to get started or get more information. That means things like contact forms, easy access to the phone number, live chat, join the email list, etc. Those are your conversion zones.

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