Monday Morning Metrics

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Below you will find a video walk through of the 6 reports you should be reviewing EVERY Monday morning, as well as ideas for how to analyze and interpret the data and metrics within those reports so you can make actionable changes to your business and marketing strategy.

Additionally, if you prefer to follow along using a PDF rather than video, the button below will give you a PDF that you use to follow right along with each report.

Monday Morning Metrics Video

In this video I walk you through the 6 Google Analytics reports you should be viewing EVERY Monday morning.


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Monday Morning Metrics Guide


How to Setup Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics

This is an easy and vital step to getting the most out of your Google Analytics data and will provide value insights into the production of your entire digital presence.


How to Track Phone Calls

In the video, we also talked about setting up phone call tracking. If you’re interested in this, below are 2 companies that I recommend:

  1. Call Tracking Metrics – easy setup, awesome backend dashboard and controls for call recording and call scoring. Also, has additional features such as website forms, text messaging and live chat.
  2. Call Rail – easy setup with Google Analytics and WordPress website. In my opinion, not as full-service or feature-rich as Call Tracking Metrics, but is slightly less expensive.

**Pro tip – after setting call tracking up, do start to record the phone calls and take time to listen to them after reviewing your 6 reports on Monday morning. Listening to these is an absolute game-changer to hear how your staff interacts with potential new customers. When I do this, most clients end up having to script the staff that is responsible for answering the phones. It’s an absolute game-changer.