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We helped Ace Hotel, a unique, youthful brand, open five new assets in major US and international locations and took over digital and revenue strategy for an additional four properties. We integrated strategy for all nine hotels across two continents, uniting both their brand and customers for overlapping business. In the first nine months, the campaign resulted in a 136% year-over-year revenue increase. Integrated digital and revenue optimization initiatives, in concert with active marketing and events by the Ace brand and individual properties, showed increases in online traffic and revenue for all Ace Hotel locations.



Properties with the Ace Hotel portfolio


New locations


Revenue increase year-over-year

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The Challenge

Ace Hotel is known for their chic style, eclectic food and beverage, and fun on-property events and atmosphere. With an ever-expanding portfolio of properties and locations, Ace Hotel was looking for an aggressive online marketing strategy that better connected their properties for cross-location promotion, which would then translate into the better overall customer retention for the brand. Simultaneously, they needed to rebrand the Crowne Plaze Shoreditch London and bring it into the Ace Hotel portfolio.



With many of the Ace properties located in inter-connected markets, such as London, New York, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, I felt that our marketing strategy should work toward increased brand exposure. I wanted Ace to capture more direct revenue to bring potential customers into the Ace Hotel marketing & booking ecosystem.

Within nine months, the revenue for their portfolio of nine properties had increased by 136%.


We managed 9 properties with the Ace Hotel portfolio, helping to launch 3 new locations.
Within 9 months of starting, our properties experienced 136% revenue increase year-over-year.

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