Case study

Orthodontic Practice

An orthodontic practice had been running digital ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram for 2 years. They were seeing some results from their advertising efforts, but the marketing team knew they should be seeing more leads. The problem was they didn’t know what to do differently.



INCREASE in New Leads from Google Ads


INCREASE in New Leads from All Digital Campaigns


INCREASE in First Time Callers

Reorganization and Strategy Development Deliver Quick Results

We were brought in to give a second opinion on their digital ad strategy and campaigns. Because they had been running ads, there was a lot of data to work through. We did a complete campaign audit and immediately identified areas where they were wasting money and how they could optimize their campaigns.

The Challenge

The practice had been running digital ads as well as TV and radio commercials. They wanted to shift their TV and radio budget to digital marketing, but they knew they first had to find a more effective digital strategy.

Our initial audit revealed several issues with how their campaigns were running:

  • The company was running the wrong type of campaigns for their business goals.
  • The campaigns were not built and organized to allow them to easily control and maximize their advertising budget.
  • The ad creativity on social media was too limited.
  • The company was lacking a brand awareness strategy.

The Solution

Our focus was to make their digital marketing more organized and strategic. We took the data they had from running ads and used it to build more effective campaigns on Google, Bing, and social media. And we implemented a strategy that utilized display and YouTube ads to increase brand awareness.

  1. Stopped all smart campaigns. Smart campaigns are great for large brands who budget for brand awareness, but they’re not effective for small businesses trying to generate leads.
  2. Identified all the keywords that had produced a lead over the previous two years and reorganized into new keyword groups.
  3. Rebuilt the entire PPC account with better organization, clear naming groups, and tighter keyword groupings.
    • Why do keyword groupings matter? You want a different budget for top-funnel keywords than for middle funnel and bottom-funnel. Tight keyword groups organized by funnel allow you to have better control over your budget, which will produce quicker results.
  4. Built an ad funnel strategy on Facebook & Instagram that focused on education, social proof, sharing their process, and promoting their expertise. We sequenced ads to users based on the content they consumed, leading them through the sales funnel and better priming them to receive sales/promotional content.
  5. Developed a brand awareness strategy that included saturating their geographic area with display ads and targeting individuals on YouTube who had searched for orthodontic services on Google.


  • 130% INCREASE in new leads from digital ad campaigns
  • 34% INCREASE in total website leads

We achieved these results while navigating through COVID-19 and quarantine rules for medical practices, and still managed to DECREASE the client’s cost per new lead by 46%.

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