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An established local practice had plans for expansion. Referrals from other doctors had been the main form of new patient acquisition. But, for the practice to grow, it needed to become more familiar within the local community and it needed to educate the local market on aliments that can safely be treated with advanced pain management procedures, not medications.



Increase in New Website Visitors


Increase in Website Form Submissions


Increase in New Patient Call Volume

Digital Marketing Expansion Leads Stellar Growth Plans

We were called in when the brand had one established practice and about to expand to a second. At the time, pain management was a little-known field of medicine without a leading, established practice in town. Most of what was known of pain management by the public was from news stories related to the opioid epidemic.

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The Challenge

With pain management becoming a more household health service, the pain management practice was looking for enhanced visibility and growth: more locations, more doctors and more new patients.

Additionally, we needed to make pain management procedures more familiar with the local audience. Informing them that this practice can both diagnose and treat pain of any kind with procedures not just pain medication.

Initially, the practice had few digital assets in place. The website was old, no digital marketing campaigns had previously been run, and very little visibility on social channels where consumers of all ages hangout and share news and information.


It all started with the website and new content – our aim was simple, to educate the local community online about chronic pain. This is how we were going to develop our brand voice and showcase the doctors and their wealth of knowledge and experience treating chronic pain from head to toe for patients of of every size, shape and age.

  • New website design – focused on developing the practice as a brand
  • Fresh content – increasing the depth of content and freshness, focusing the educational component of the website
  • Utilizing digital marketing campaigns – launching both search and social campaigns to drive website traffic, user we know are researching “pain”
  • User experience improvement – make it as easy as possible for patients to signup and request a visit


Within 3 months of rebranding and expanding digital exposure, the practice was seeing an 84% increase in new patient intakes

  • 65% Increase in New Website Visitors
  • 225% Increase in Website Form Submissions
  • 134% Increase in New Patient Call Volume

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