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Consider This Before You Redesign Your Website

October 30, 2020

Let’s talk about getting a website redesign. I do not offer website design services, but I work with a lot of clients that go through a website redesign.

Too often I see clients fall into the trap of wanting a new website, and then all they really got was new colors or a slightly new layout. That does not accomplish the goal of a website redesign.

The point of a website is to create and organize content for your business. It’s not an art project. It needs photos, videos, and copy that describes what you offer, how you offer it, the process, the pricing promotions, etc.

So, here’s a tip before you consider redesigning your website, or even if you’re in the middle of one now – take inventory of the content you have on your site. Not just your home page; look at all your service and product pages as well. Does it need to be expanded? Are there more questions you should be answering?

If so, the time to do that is before you go into a website redesign because the designers will need to design around it. For example, they need to know if you’re adding an FAQ section on a service page or if you have a process chart to show people how to get started and what the steps are to work with you. Those are valuable pieces of content you should definitely consider before you launch a new site.

Review your content first. Then decide if you need a redesign.

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