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Have Your Google Ad Campaigns Plateaued?

January 8, 2021

It’s common for Google ad campaigns to plateau or stall out at some point. Here’s what to do when that happens:

1. Complete a full audit of your account.

First, ensure that your account is properly optimized from the top down. Are the ad groups and the keywords within your ad groups well organized? Are you using the right match types to fit your business needs and goals? Match types can have a big impact on how much traffic each individual keyword phrase brings in.

Run an auction insights report to make sure that your budget is in line with the other competing advertisers on Google in your local area. If the report shows your budget is way off the mark, you might need to increase your spending. However, if you’re leading the pack in traffic and traffic and sales just stagnating on your Google search ads, it doesn’t mean you should stop the campaigns.

2. Increase brand awareness.

Once you confirm that your account is properly optimized, it’s time to supplement your search ads with more brand awareness and discovery-type digital marketing initiatives. This is where programmatic display YouTube pre-roll ads and social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn if you’re B2B come into play.

Google search ads rely on consumers going to Google (or Bing) and typing in what they’re looking for. It is not a mass media channel. It’s an intent-based channel, which is what makes it so powerful but also what limits your reach on it.

There are people in your target market and audience who are not going and researching on Google or Bing yet. You need to get in front of them on other channels and that means places like display, Facebook, and Instagram.

Start with ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that target specific audiences and market segments in geographic areas that you’re looking to harvest business in. Next, look to add in display and YouTube ads. If you like video, YouTube ads are fantastic for building brand awareness. They are low cost and high impact. If you’re not into video, then display is a great tool because it’s simple, cost-effective, and gives you the ability to blanket an entire city of targeted individuals who are interested in the products and services that you offer.

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