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How Local Businesses Should Use YouTube to Build Brand Awareness

January 19, 2021

YouTube ads are the #1 brand-building marketing initiative that all local businesses should adopt in 2021. Almost everyone watches videos on YouTube these days yet adoption from local businesses has been slow. There are usually two reasons for this:

  1. Lack of knowledge of how to advertise on YouTube.
  2. Lack of video creative to use for YouTube ads.

Well, it’s time to overcome those hurdles. One of your marketing resolutions for 2021 needs to be to start advertising on YouTube.

Need some extra convincing?

90% of consumers have discovered new businesses, new products, and new services through YouTube.

On average, YouTube has a billion hours of video consumption every single day.

Neither of these statistics should be surprising to you. YouTube is where everyone goes for entertainment and to ask questions, as well as research and shopping. It’s the video version of Google, which is not surprising considering Google owns YouTube.

YouTube for All

The functionality of YouTube for entertainment and education makes it a popular channel across all age groups and demographics. It is not demographic or socioeconomic specific. Everyone uses YouTube. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be advertising to everyone. YouTube has a couple of key features that make it extremely cost-effective to run very targeted media.

  1. You can target geographically, meaning you can advertise only to certain locations, down to a specific zip code or neighborhood.
  2. You can target users based on what they’ve previously searched for on Google. You can choose keywords and search phrases relevant to your products and services.

So, the targeting capabilities help make YouTube ads very cost-effective but the key to success is having video content specific to YouTube ads. You can’t take videos you’ve used as a TV commercial in the past and run it as a YouTube ad. It won’t be effective.

Instead, you need to make videos specific to the way YouTube ads work. That means videos that frontload key information into the first six seconds because that’s the portion of the video people cannot skip through. On average, it only costs three cents per view of this portion of the ad, so include your most important points and attention grabbers in these first six seconds.

In 2021, YouTube ads are the best way to get your name out there and discover new customers for your business for very little money.

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