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How to Use Digital Marketing to Test Important Elements on Your Website

January 8, 2021

I’m going to share a story about how to utilize digital marketing to test elements on your website that might need to be changed.

I have a new client who just hired a new CMO. Within a week of starting, the new CMO wanted to do a full rebrand – redesign the website, new branding images, new profile and cover images for social media, etc. It was like a $150,000 project they were looking into.

The problem is that they were just going to move forward without any data to support the redesign. That’s when I stepped in and suggested that before they spend that kind of money, we first run some digital marketing to collect data from the audience, then use analytical tools to help us make a stronger strategy surrounding what needs to be redesigned and addressed.

Now we are running ads on Google because those searches have high intent, meaning users are close to making a buying decision, and we are also running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We are tracking how leads from each of those channels engage with the website in terms of producing sales, as well as tracking their movements on the landing pages we present them.

That information helps us make a more logical and solid website redesign plan instead of just guessing and going purely on aesthetics.

If your company is in this perpetual state of getting a redesign every three years, I highly encourage you to first utilize digital marketing to bring more traffic to your website. Monitor and track that traffic to see how people are interacting with your business online before you make expensive redesign decisions. Uninformed design decisions 1: might not be needed, and 2: might not be in the right direction for what your audience wants.

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