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How to Use the Connection Economy for Your Business

January 9, 2021

Are you leveraging the connections and people in your life that you already know to help grow your business? This is called the connection economy and it’s been going on for years but now there’s a cute label around it.

The basis of the connection economy is leveraging the family, friends, high school classmates, people you met on sports teams, college acquaintances, etc., as well as any new people you meet by connecting with them on social media. Social media connections create a two-lane highway of communication. It gives you the opportunity to then utilize the content you post to educate your connections in the area that you are an expert in. I don’t mean spamming them with constant sales messages, but instead posting content that is helpful in their everyday lives.

Here are three steps to start better using the connection economy:

1. Build Out Your Profiles

The first thing you need to do is fully build out all your profiles on your social media accounts. This means Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, even TikTok. Take the time to pick out a good, professional headshot and fill out all the description sections, including who you are, what you do, where you work, the territories you serve, what you sell and your contact information.

This is a very important first step because as you start posting content, you want to ensure that when people visit your profile to learn more about you and how they can get started with you that it’s very easy for them to find that information.

2. Start Connecting

Use the search bar in each channel to start looking people up that you just met through a networking event, at a holiday party, or through a friend. Look up old classmates in high school and/or college that you haven’t connected with yet. Connect with as many people as possible.

First, these people will likely be excited to hear from you and see you again. But second, you never know who they are connected with. They might be connected to people that could really benefit your business and simply by connecting with them, it could bring a whole world of opportunities for you.

As we still sit here in the coronavirus pandemic, I think one group that does this really well is BNI. I am not a member of BNI, but you can still join and become a part of their virtual zoom meeting every single week. In doing so, you then connect with all their members have the opportunity to find them and connect with them on social media. Friend them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. – wherever you’re most comfortable posting content. It’s a great way to get an instant boost of new connections.

3. Post, Post, Post

This is where the rubber really hits the road. You have to post content, and it can’t always be about your fishing trips, golfing, or shopping. If you want to use social media to leverage and gain new customers and build your business, then you need to start posting content around subject matters that you are an expert in.

If you sell insurance or if you’re a realtor or doctor, you’re sitting on a mound of information that pertains to everyday consumers that you could be educating them about. You can use long-form posts, swipes, videos, etc. on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There are tons of different content types so find whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Get in the habit of posting on a consistent basis. If you’re not currently doing it, start posting every week. If you’re already posting every week, move to five times a week. Don’t worry, people won’t get tired of seeing your posts as long as what you’re serving them is helpful in their own lives and not seen as spam.


When you make content, make it for the end consumer. What important questions can you answer that come up on a regular basis about insurance? What can you answer about real estate? About health and wellness? You can create these FAQ-style posts in a variety of ways – images, swipes, graphics, PowerPoints, etc.

The connection economy is very powerful. As you start posting content, your network will grow from the people you’re connected with sharing or engaging with your posts. That’s how you get your brand to grow exponentially.

So, get on social media, build out your profiles, connect with as many people as possible, and most importantly, post helpful content.

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