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3 Steps to Convince Your Boss to Expand Your Digital Marketing

January 6, 2021

If you’re a marketing director or manager and you want to expand your digital marketing into new channels, it’s not uncommon to receive pushback from upper management, the C-suite, or the business owner. Digital marketing is an ever-growing space and there are so many options – search ads, email, social media, etc. You may see the need to expand to a new channel, but your boss doesn’t.

This can be a hard sell, especially if your boss isn’t well versed in digital marketing. Here’s how to convince your boss to expand your digital marketing into more channels:

1. Show your current successes.

Compile any/all metrics that show the success of your current digital marketing initiatives. Dig deeper than just new sales or leads. What other metrics are you tracking?

Have you increased your follower counts on your social media channels? Have you gained a bigger email list? Do you have more people coming to the website? Do you have more people returning to the website? Have you increased phone calls?

Collect as much data as you can for these second-tier KPIs in addition to your main KPIs of sales and leads and present the data to your boss to show where the company currently stands. Then explain that in order to break through the plateau, you need to bring on more channels.

2. Recommend channels that compliment your current initiatives.

Suggest something that is a great compliment to what you’re already doing. For instance, if you’re already running Google search ads, then a natural complement to that is to start retargeting campaigns either through Google’s platform or on Facebook and Instagram.

Recommend growth that fits your company culture and is something you can easily execute. Don’t suggest an idea that’s too far out there. That will scare your boss away because they won’t feel confident in the execution. For example, if your business lends itself to great visuals, then display ads or banner ads would be a great addition. If you’re great at creating video content, then perhaps YouTube or videos on Facebook or Instagram would be a natural next step.

If you recommend something that your company as a whole will be confident they can execute and is complementary to what you’re already doing, your boss is more likely to see the potential you see.

3. Share KPIs for the new channels.

One enticing aspect of expanding into new channels is that it will get the company in front of more new prospects that might not have already known about it. New channels present new opportunities to get in front of new people.

But it’s also important to lay down what your additional KPIs will be for the new channels. What do you expect from adding this new channel? For instance, the KPIs that you would track from Google search ads are vastly different from the KPIs that you track with Facebook ads.

Be upfront about it. Explain that you suggest a particular new channel because it compliments what you’re already doing, the ad creative is something you can easily execute, it fits into your company culture, and you estimate it will get you in front of X amount of new people. Share the cost. Explain how you’ll track the success. Then ask to run a three- or six-month test.

If you come to your boss in an organized fashion, you are much more likely to get the money you need to go into the new channel.

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