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What You Need to Know About Videos for Social Media Ads

February 1, 2021

What type of video content should you be producing for your social media ads? Not knowing what content to use in social media ads holds a lot of people back from doing them so today I’m going to clear it up. When it comes to social media ads – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – video is by far the most powerful content you can use.

1. If you take nothing else away from this blog, take this away – BE EDUCATIONAL.

Don’t talk about yourself or brag about your business. That’s not what people are on social media to see and you want to be contextual to the platform or your posts will go ignored.

Social media allows you to target individuals who have certain interests, are experiencing certain problems, or are researching certain topics. Your goal needs to be to become a subject matter expert in your field to those people who have a relevant interest or problem. You do that by producing helpful, educational video content that helps them solve their problems or reach their goals.

The people that win the most on social media are the ones who focus on the audience and educate the audience. Valuable is memorable. Providing value to your followers will help you get discovered more and build trust with your audience.

If you have a hard time coming up with ideas for videos, write out a list of FAQs. What are the questions you continually hear from customers? Start making video content that addresses those questions.

2. Don’t worry about the video format.

I’ll often hear people say that videos need to be less than three minutes or certain rules like that and I’m here to tell you that’s all baloney. There is no video length requirement or best practice. I’ve run ads on videos that are one minute and videos that are eight minutes and both performed very well. I have a client that does Facebook lives that are 45 minutes long and we turn around and run them as Facebook and Instagram ads and they do extremely well.

Don’t focus on length. Focus on the quality of the information that you’re relaying in that particular video.

Video quality also doesn’t matter. If you can produce professional videos all the time, have at it. But if you can’t afford that, it’s not a problem at all. Shooting videos with your phone or computer will not negatively affect the performance of the ad.

The point is to be comfortable in whatever video recording format you’re using so that you do it consistently. I recommend batching videos. That’s what I do. I sit in my office on Friday and record several videos in one sitting. It allows me to cover a wide range of topics and continuously publish new content.

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