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What You Need to Know About Videos for YouTube Ads

February 3, 2021

What kind of ads should you be running on YouTube to be successful? I am a big fan of YouTube ads. It is the best brand-building channel for businesses and specifically local businesses looking to get discovered by more people. Not to mention, YouTube ads are extremely cost-effective.

YouTube Ad Options

In a previous blog, I covered how to use YouTube ads. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the ad creative that generates the most success. YouTube offers to separate video ad formats:

  1. A skippable six-second ad.
  2. A non-skippable 15-second ad.

Both are effective and I suggest that you test both out. I recommend making a series of about 20-second videos so you’ll be able to use them in both formats.

What to Create

With YouTube ads, you can be more commercial than with Facebook and Instagram ads where you want to be far more educational. For your YouTube videos, be more commercial, meaning talk about and promote your business a little more aggressively.

Here are two pro tips:

  1. Front-load the videos with your most important content – your most important points, best value proposition, best promotional offer, what’s unique about your product or service category, etc.
  2. Don’t be afraid to call out your market segment. If you’ve just opened a new store, start the video with something like, “He Jacksonville moms, we’ve just opened…”. That will draw them into your video immediately.

The YouTube Effect

Now, people might not watch your entire video ad on YouTube, but you’ve still got their attention and that’s important. You’ve gotten your brand name and your value proposition in front of them. That’s very important for success.

YouTube ads are extremely cost-effective. You’re able to get in front of individuals with a very high frequency. Even if they don’t act on your YouTube ad, but what we see them do is then go to Google and research your company at a later point. The more YouTube ads you run, the more brand name searches on Google we see.

That’s why YouTube is the most cost-effective brand awareness marketing tool today. If you aren’t already using it, it’s time to add it to your marketing mix.

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